Road Trip AU Masterpost



We’ve been getting many requests for Road Trip AUs lately, so we decided to create one large master post instead – Enjoy!

  • Everybody is heading
    home for the holidays, but Character A is not in the mood to see their family.
    Hitting up their friend, Character B, the two of them pack up their bags and
    begin the road trip back to Character B’s home. Character A doesn’t know it,
    but Character B has a secret crush on Character A, and Character B sees this
    trip as the chance to finally make their move.
  • Character A has never lived in an area where they see the trees change colors, so Character B deems that the two of them should take a road trip to the North and see the trees change colors. Cue lots of bad car karaoke, too much coffee, and Character A absolutely losing their mind over the gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall leaves.
  • “Give me a few minutes to just catch my breath–NO, no don’t come over here! Also, for the record, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone drive 79 in a 35 mph zone. Who taught you how to drive? Vin Diesel?!” AU
  • Characters A, B, C, D, & E have never really had an old fashioned Christmas, so they decide to drive up North together to rent out a cabin, cut down their own tree, have a Yule log, the whole shebang. 
  • As a traveling salesperson, Character A never really stays in one place too long, but after a few mishaps and hiccups in their journey, they end up gaining a travel companion (Character B) for a few states on the way.
  • Given that neither Character A, B, C, or D know anything about repairing car engines, they are left on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere to wait for someone, ANYONE, to drive by and save them from the desolate wasteland they like to call “nature.”
  • In order to have a memorable summer vacation, Character A is using their parent(s)’ RV and is taking a road trip across the country to see their favorite band perform at a music concert. Dragging along their friends – Characters B, C, and D – the four of them start the long trip. Hilarious shenanigans ensue, featuring Character A trying to fight a wild animal, Character C keeping everybody awake with their snores, and Character D finding an unexpected romance.
  • After the apocalypse started, no one was safe. The skies were red, the rain burned like fire, and millions died. After the apocalypse, though…that’s a different story. Those who didn’t die saw themselves as the survivors of the end of the world. Someone with a radio found a way to send out a continuous signal calling everyone to the same location to celebrate the beginning of a new era, and with the airports ‘out of service,’ thousands of different vehicles and groups of friends find themselves on the road to join the largest collective road trip the world has ever seen.
  • Character A is on the run from a past that they can’t leave behind, and Character B is a hitchhiker that’s working their way to an unknown destination. When Character A offers Character B a ride, the two of them end up opening up to the other while they pass through town after town.
  • On an annual road trip in Europe, Characters A & B pass through a quaint town they hadn’t heard of and decide to take a look around before looking for a room to stay for the night. Not before long, however, they find that they’ve somehow travelled back in time, and now are on trial for witchcraft.
  • After flipping through the radio stations in their car for a bit, Character A decides that there really isn’t very much to listen to until they hear something through the static that sounds a bit like…screaming. They stop the car right away and turn up the volume only to hear the calls for help grow louder and louder until they stop altogether. Silence fills the car until a voice whispers through the speakers: “…I know you’re listening.” Character A flips the car into gear and drives as quickly as they possible can, ending the road trip immediately and flying back home. Years later, however, they question whether or not they really found something or if they had just completely lost it. Determined to find the truth, they recruit Characters B & C to travel back to that road to find that voice and its origin.
  • Crappy Motel AU in which a group of friends travel the country for the sole purpose of finding the worst motels in the country and blogging/vlogging about it.

Request something??

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